Drug Rehab Meeting Concerning the Potential Synthetic Drug Epidemic

While the use of drugs has risen dramatically in this country over the past couple of decades, the kinds of drugs that are becoming more and more common are probably not what most Americans expect them to be. Some of the most commonly used, addictive and dangerous drugs that many Americans are struggling with are actually legal. Some of them are known as designer drugs. Designer drugs are drugs that are sold legally because they contain no ingredients in their chemical make-up that are illegal. These drugs are usually made to mimic the effects of other drugs that are illegal. The use of designer drugs has risen amongst all ages in America, but especially amongst teens and young adults.

The reason that many people turn to designer drugs as a way to get high is because they are legal and virtually impossible to detect through most methods of drug screening. Because of this, people who have to regularly be screened for drugs either due to their job or a parole or probation are not putting themselves at risk for getting caught using mind altering substances.

Synthetic Drugs are Not a Legal and Safe Way to Get High

Many teens have started using these drugs because they feel that they are legal and therefore safer to use than their illegal counterparts. Unfortunately, just because these drugs are legal does not mean that they are safe. Synthetic drugs also have the potential to be extremely addictive. In fact in some areas, addiction to synthetic drugs has become almost epidemic. Synthetic drug use outweighs meth and heroin in some towns, with users displaying the same types of desperate attitudes found in people who are addicted to illegal drugs.

These days there are two different types of synthetic or designer drugs that are quite popular. They are as follows:

Synthetic Pot

The first of these is known as K2 or synthetic marijuana. Synthetic marijuana is a blend of herbs that is sprayed with synthetic cannabinoids and is supposed to mimic the effects that are caused by natural marijuana. However, many people experience side effects after using these drugs that are quite different than the ones found by using natural marijuana. Many people have complained of suffering from altered vision, hallucinations, feelings of suffocation, feeling unable to expel smoke from their lungs, having alterations of size and depth perception while at the same time experiencing extreme paranoid delusions. Synthetic marijuana also appears to be extremely more addictive than regular marijuana. Some people have complained of experiencing very severe psychological withdrawals upon cessation of use from this drug. Many have said that when they tried to quit, the only thing that they could think about was using more of the drug and some even said that they experienced physical withdrawals.

Others say that they feel that their perception of reality was dramatically altered after using spice or K2 even when they had not used the drug in many days and sometimes even weeks. Many kids feel that synthetic marijuana is a safe and legal alternative to natural marijuana, but this is now found to be untrue.

Bath Salts, Plant Food and Reformulated Powders

The other type of drug that has recently become quite popular is commonly being sold as bath salts. In some states where the term bath salts have been banned, these drugs are sold as plant food and reformulated powders. These drugs are of a stimulant nature and cause effects in users that are similar to those that would be found in an individual who used cocaine and methamphetamine in large amounts at the same time.

These drugs are extremely concentrated and the effects from them can last anywhere from a few hours to up to 2 to 3 days. These drugs are extremely addictive and many users become as addicted to them if not more than they would to drugs such as crack cocaine or methamphetamine. The use of bath salts has also been known to cause a condition in its users called excited deliriums.

Excited delirium is an extremely dangerous condition for the person who is experiencing it and also people that are around that person. People suffering from excited delirium often have an extremely elevated heart rate, elevated body temperature, loss of control over metabolism, paranoid delusions, incoherent speech and imperviousness to pain, while at the same time exhibiting superhuman strength. People suffering from this condition are often very paranoid and may feel those around them are trying to harm them. Because they often exhibit an extreme tolerance to pain and an incredible amount of strength they can be very difficult to get under control by doctors and police. Doctors often have to use large amounts of sedatives to calm these individuals, including ones that are used to put people to sleep during surgery, and sometimes these do not even work when trying to control a person suffering from this condition. Many people may feel that the use of designer drugs poses no threat to them because these drugs are legal.

However, these drugs can be both extremely dangerous and addictive. They can also be very hard to stop. It is important for anyone who is suffering from an addiction to these drugs to seek help right away.