Warning Signs of Alcoholism

Alcohol dependency is considered the most extreme type of alcohol consumption. It includes all of the symptoms of abusive drinking, but also consists of an additional component: actual physical dependence on alcohol. Should you depend on alcohol in order to function or possibly feel physically forced to drink, you could be an alcoholic.

Tolerance: The First serious red flag of alcoholism

Must you consume much more than you previously used to so you can get buzzed and also to feel relaxed? Are you able to consume much more than other people without getting intoxicated? These are typically indications of tolerance, which is often an initial danger sign of alcohol dependency. Tolerance suggests that, as time passes, you require increasingly more alcohol to notice the same effects.

Withdrawal: The Second major red flag of alcohol dependency

Do you require a drink to steady the shakes early in the day? Drinking to ease or prevent withdrawal symptoms can be a symptom of alcoholism plus a big warning sign. Whenever you drink a great deal, your system becomes accustomed to the alcohol and suffers from withdrawal symptoms when it’s taken away. Some examples are:

Anxiety or jumpiness

Shakiness or trembling


Queasiness and throwing up

Sleep problems

Depression symptoms



Loss of appetite


In serious cases, withdrawal from drinking may also consist of hallucinations, confusion, convulsions, fever, and anxiety. These signs and symptoms might be severe, so speak with your physician if you’re a heavy drinker and wish to stop.

Some other warning signs of alcohol addiction :

You’ve lost power over your drinking alcohol. You frequently consume much more alcohol than you desired to, for much longer than you planned, or regardless of assuring yourself you wouldn’t.

You would like to stop drinking alcohol, nonetheless you can’t. You do have a continual wish to reduce or even quit your alcohol consumption, but your attempts to stop are actually not successful.

You have abandoned other pursuits due to alcohol. You’re devoting much less time on things which had been worthwhile to you (spending time with friends and relations, going to the fitness center, pursuing your hobbies and interests) due to your alcohol consumption.

Alcohol occupies significant amounts of your energy and concentration. You may spend considerable time drinking alcohol, thinking about it, or recuperating from its consequences. You have very few if any pastimes or social involvements which don’t center around drinking alcohol.

You drink even when you understand it’s leading to . For instance, you realize that your alcohol consumption is destroying your relationship, making your depression even worse, or perhaps resulting in health issues, nevertheless, you carry on and drink regardless.